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Sometimes a subsequent debit needs to be posted and associated with a MIRO invoice. This is ONLY for a legitimate pricing adjustment, such as a debit memo received from the vendor. It is a value-only adjustment and will not affect the quantity. In order to tie this to the PO, use the MIRO function.


Normally, the MIRO screen appears ready for an invoice to be entered. Use the drop-down functionSubsequent-Debit-Posting-to-MIRO-Screen-Short(2)to change this to “Subsequent Debit”.



Enter the appropriate information like you would for the original invoice. Be sure to use the vendor’s document number for the debit in the Reference field since SAP uses this field to check for duplicates.

Enter the amount of the debit for the different line items where you want it to be applied. The+/- 3% (max $25) still applies to this function. Therefore, if the debit is more than a three percent difference or more than $25, then the PO will need to be modified.


If you click on the Simulate icon Subsequent-Debit-Posting-to-MIRO-Screen-Short(6), you will see what SAP will post.


Once you are satisfied with the journal, you can either Save/Post the document directly from this screen by clicking on the Post iconSubsequent-Debit-Posting-to-MIRO-Screen-Short(8)or you can click the Back icon Subsequent-Debit-Posting-to-MIRO-Screen-Short(9). This will return you to the Overview screen.


Click the Save/Post icon at the top to post the documentSubsequent-Debit-Posting-to-MIRO-Screen-Short(11).

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