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One of the many features of the SAP environment is The Business Workplace in which every user can carry out their share of the business and communication processes in the enterprise. It is here where the user is able to create, edit and send and receive messages and documents. This process is enabled from entirely within the SAP environment without the necessity of going outside the system. This part of The Business Workplace is called SAP Mail and is, in fact, an internal e-mail system.

The Business Workplace has six working environments for processing documents and messages.The working environments are as follows and are flagged with symbols.

working environments

The entry into your personal workplace is through opening SAP Easy Access Menu Tree as shown below:

SAP Menu>Office>SBWP Workplace


The individual working environments are shown as we have expanded the Workplace tree.

You may further expand the tree to show the individual factors that make up the Inbox, for example.

The-Business-Workplace of Libby robinson

At the present time, we are not using any of the Workflow procedures. The Business Workplace is being used to rapidly communicate with those users who have a need to know specific process steps, updates and other information pertaining to their roles within the SAP system.


The above screen shot shows the Business Workplace. The menu tree on the left allows quick and immediate access to the documents. The upper right window is a listing of the documents and the lower right is a preview window of the document that has the focus in the window above.


By double-clicking on the document title, the entire document is opened and any attachments made available to the user.

To create a document to be sent through the SAP mail system, click on the new message icon on the application toolbar.


By clicking on this icon, you will open a window that allows the user to create, edit and combine attachments to the message they wish to send with the SAP mail system.

You may title the document, add the pertinent text and combine an attachment with it.

Create document and send

To send the communication to a particular recipient, merely type a partial last name combined with a wild card * to search for the user (example Libby*robin*). It is NOT necessary to enter a Recipient type.

You will note the three checkboxes to the right of the Recip. Type. The “Lightning Bolt” checkbox allows Express mail. The SAP definition of Express mail means that as long as the recipient is in the SAP system, they will be notified that mail awaits them. This notification will show on their screens as illustrated below.
notification will show on their screens By clicking on the Execute button ,the user may instantly see the document. If speed is not a priority, they may choose the In box button and read the document at their leisure.

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