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Sometimes vendors will use a third party to ship goods. The freight charges are included on the PO, but the freight invoice will come from another vendor.

Process the MIRO for the goods as detailed above (Planned Freight Billed in Separate Invoice).


When the invoice for the freight arrives, process it by changing the “Goods/service items +planned delivery costs” to “Planned delivery costs”.


Now go to the Details tab to change the vendor. Also referred to as Invoicing Party.


Change the vendor number (either by typing the correct vendor number or using the drop-down search help to find the number). Then, press [Enter] key or Planned-Freight-Billed-by-Third-Party-Vendor-Screen-Short(4). You will get a pop-up box with the following message:


Either press [Enter] or the green checkmark.Planned-Freight-Billed-by-Third-Party-Vendor-Screen-Short(6)


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