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Invoices with many line items can now be displayed more easily by pressing a button, which will hide the invoice header information. This leaves more room on the screen so that all of the line items can be displayed.


After you click on the hide header data icon the screen changes to look like the following screen shot.

screen changes

The line items are all displayed. To change it back and display the header information, simply click once more on the same icon.

It is now also possible to go from the Enter Invoice screen directly to the Vendor’s account. To view the vendor’s open items, click on the line item list iconOther-Features-to-Posting-MIRO-Invoices-Screen-Short.


After clicking on the line item display icon once, the following screen appears.


To return to the “enter invoice” screen, click the green arrow back icon.Other-Features-to-Posting-MIRO-Invoices-Screen-Short.

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