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One of the more productive ways of working within SAP is to use the Favorites procedure.Generally a user processes the same T-codes over and over. SAP has a built-in method of gathering all of these procedures into one area labeled Favorites. This allows the user to find their T-code easily without looking for it in the menus or memorizing it.

There are different methods on adding favorites to the user ID. The user can choose which method they feel comfortable using.

  1. Insert Transaction

    On the main menu in SAP click on Favorites>Insert Transaction


    Enter the T-code and then click on the green check mark.Adding-Favorites-Screen-shot-(2)


    Continue with this process to add more T-codes.

    For Accounts Payable technicians, the following T-codes are recommended:

    F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice
    F-41 Enter Vendor Credit Memo
    FB08 Reverse Document
    MB01 Enter Goods Receipt (part of 3 Way Match Process)
    MB03 Display Goods Receipt
    MIRO Enter Vendor Invoice (part of 3 Way Match Process)
    FBL1N Display Vendor Line Items
    F.98 Accounts Payable Reports
    F110 Check Run – Multiple checks
    F-58 Hot Check
    FCHN Display Check Register

  2. Drag and Drop

    If the user finds a T-code in a menu, it can be added by dragging and dropping it under the Favorites folder.

    Drag and Drop

  3. Add Manually

    If the user finds a T-code in a menu, it can be added by highlighting and clicking on the right mouse button. Then click ‘Add to favorites’.

    Add Manually
    Once the favorites have been added, the user will be able to access the T-codes easily. The favorites can be saved as a raw list like below, or folders can be added to organize the favorites.


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