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A Window is an entity into which we embed all the views that will be used to construct the screen for the end user. When the user interacts with a view, theirinteraction will cause a request to the server. In response, one or more views that build the current screen will require to be replaced with other views. This is possiblethrough navigation links among the various views in the window.

Each Web Dynpro component can have several Windows. We have created only one Window, named W_default.

A view or several Views are generally embedded in a Window. The first view created at the WD component creation is directly embedded into the Window. To embed other views in a Window, we can use dragging & dropping or right-clicking on the window name to choose between embedding an empty view or the View we have created. The Empty View is a special type of View, presented in the View- ContainerUIElement example.

In every window, at least one view is marked as default. A default view is the first view displayed when the window is called. The first embedded view is marked as default, but we can change it. To mark as default, after right-clicking on the view we choose Set as default from the contextual menu.

Embed View

Embed View

By using Inbound plugs and Outbound plugs, we define the navigation between views or windows. For a Window, these plugs can be of Standard, Startup or Resume type. As we can see, the Framework generates for each window an inbound plug of Startup type and an event handler method .By using this event handler method, we can read, for example, the URL parameters from a Web Dynpro application.

Default inbound plug for a window

Default inbound plug for a window

For a View, we don’t have the possibility to define a specific plug type.

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