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<p>In this case,we use both components: WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS for Select option and SALV_WD_TABLE for ALV .</p><p><strong>Used components</strong></p><p><input type="image" src="/userfiles/image/SAP-ABAP/ch13_31.jpg" width="516" height="217" /></p><p>We copy the preceding WD component and rename it:Y_ALV_AND_SO.<br /> Here we made only some changes:</p><ul><li>Create the context node in the COMPONENTCONTROLLER</li><li>Delete the Table UI element and insert a new View Container UI Element required to embed the Table interface view</li><li>Define the required usages;</li><li>Define the required context mappings;</li><li>Check if the instance of the used component ALV_USAGE is made. If it doesn’t exist,we have to create one</li></ul><p><strong>View Layout</strong></p><p><input type="image" src="/userfiles/image/SAP-ABAP/ch13_32.jpg" width="527" height="93" /></p><p><strong>Window structure</strong></p><p><input type="image" src="/userfiles/image/SAP-ABAP/ch13_33.jpg" width="247" height="162" /></p><p><strong>ALV and SO</strong></p><p><input type="image" src="/userfiles/image/SAP-ABAP/ch13_34.jpg" width="449" height="252" /></p>

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