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An iView (integrated View) represents the smallest element we can create into the SAP NetWeaver Portal.In our case,we use an iView to integrate our Web Dynpro application.To create a new iView into our book folder,we have to navigate to the Content Administration --> Portal Content and,by right-clicking on the folder name, we open the contextual menu (Fig).The Portal Content Studio represents the central environment we can use to create the portal content.

Creating an iView into our book folder

Through a Wizard,we have the possibility to create a new iView, by using:

  • iView template;
  • Portal content;
  • Web Dynpro Java application.

We choose the first option – iView template, because our scope is to integrate the Web Dynpro ABAP application into the portal

In the next Wizard step,we can choose a template from the available template list.Here, we find many templates,e.g.URL iView (used to integrate a Website into the portal),SAP Transaction (iView used to show a SAP transaction into the portal), SAP Web Dynpro iView (required to integrate a Web Dynpro ABAP or Javaapplication)

Selecting a template from the existing template list

In the next step,we have the possibility to provide the iView General Properties,as follows:

  • iView Name– the iView name displayed in Portal Catalogue, etc.;
  • iView ID– unique identifier for the created iView;
  • Master Language– the original language the properties are generated in;
  • Description– optional description.

iView general properties

In the next Wizard step, we can choose between the integration of a Web Dynpro ABAP application or a Web Dynpro Java application.

Web Dynpro for ABAP iView

In the last step,we enter the parameters of our Web Dynpro ABAP application. When we press the Finish button,the Framework starts to process the provided information and generates the proper iView. We can test our Web Dynpro application by choosing Preview from the contextual menu.

Web Dynpro parameters

Testing the iView

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