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After creating the Authorization Object, we create a new single role by using the transaction PFCG.

Creating a new role

After this,we change the authorization data for the new created role.To realize it, we use the “Authorizations” tab,the “Maintain Authorization Data and Generate Profiles” area,and the “Change Authorization Data” button. By using the “Menu” tab,we can define fragments from the user menu that can be seen in SAP Easy Access. Because our authorization doesn’t require new transactions or other objects, we don’t use this tab. By using the “User” tab, we can assign users to the role. We will not use this option,but we will add later the new created role to our test user.

Changing authorization data for a role

In this case, we don’t want to use a Template to generate an authorization profile.This is the reason why we choose, from the pup-up window,the button “Do not select templates”.

Choosing the template window

For the scope of our example,we manually select our authorization object.We use the “Manually” Button and enter the name of the Authorization Object we have just created.

Manual selection of the authorization

After this,we choose the activity found in our list –“DELETE”

Choosing the DELETE activity

Then,we choose the range of IDs where the specified DELETE action is enabled to be performed.

Full authorization for IDs

We generate the authorization profile by using the Generate button .As a result, we can see our profile that offers the authorization to delete data from the database table YPERSON – records from 004 to 100.Creating

Generating the profile

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