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After installing the SAP GUI, a SAP logon icon appears on our desktop. By using this logon, we can login into the system. Additionally, we can create a SAP logon shortcut to be used to perform the same logon, but we don’t need to fill all the entries in the logon form. A SAP shortcut allows us not only to perform a logon into the system, but to execute other commands, too. So, we can start a SAP transaction, run a report or perform a system command.

To create a SAP Shortcut on our desktop to start the transaction SE80, we can use the Wizard available in the layout menu, by clicking on the respective icon located in the system function bar.

Creating a SAP Shortcut on our Desktop

Creating a SAP Shortcut on our Desktop

Another possibility to create a SAP shortcut on our desktop is to select a transaction or another object from the Favorites list, and to use the menu Edit -> Create Shortcut on the Desktop.

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