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By using a role,we can specify which services can be accessed by a user or a group of users,and we can define which content can be seen in the portal by the respective user or user group.In this example, we create a portal role. In the next chapter,we’ll see how we can create a role in the ABAP back-end system to grant delete capability for the database table YPERSON through a Web Dynpro application.In the book folder, we create the role by using the contextual menu New --> Role.

Creating a role

As a result,the Wizard generates a newly created role:

By using the Delta Link concept, we can assign the iView to our new role.

Assigning iView to role, by using the Delta Link concept

As a result, we can see the created assignment:

Then,we assign the created portal role to our test user Gellert.In order to realize this assignation,we access

User Administration --> Identity Management and search for our test user.

Searching for a user

We select the user and, as a result, in the lower part of the screen we can see the details of the selected user.By using the Modify button, we can add the newly created role to the respective user.

Assigning a portal role to the Gellert user

By using the Add button,we attach the role(after selection)to the list of roles assigned to this user.

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