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In this case,we need the two iViews to appear in the same screen.This is the reason why we use a Page.Into a portal Page,we can insert iViews or other portal Pages and we can set a proper layout.

To create a Page into our book folder, we right-click on the folder name and, from the contextual menu, we choose New --> Page. A Wizard guides us through the required steps to create our first portal Page.In the first step,we have to enter the Page properties .

Page properties Wizard step

In the next step,we have to choose the page template on which to ground the new portal page (here we have chosen “Default Page Template”)and in the last step, before OVERVIEW and SAVE,we choose the layout to be assigned to the page.This layout shows how the content will be arranged.

Page layouts Wizard step

In our book folder,we create two iViews required to integrate our two created Web Dynpro applications.The structure of the book folder.

Book folder structure

After creating iViews Page, all we have to do is to assign the two iViews: Event sender and Event receiver to our portal Page named “Portal event”.To perform this operation,we use the delta link concept firstly applied when we have assigned the iView to the Role. Now we are able to see the Page Content.

Page content

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