Creating a Mind Map - SAP ABAP Web Dynpro

To create a Mind Map, we start from a central point, in our case the Web Dynpro ABAP.This is the main subject of the Mind Map, and all the subtopics connected through lines with this one represent the key-words or, respectively,the main ideas.

In this case, we have created a Mind Map based on the subjects presented in this book.from the UI elements to the Hook Methods and component re-use, this wellstructured Mind Map helps us to learn faster the Web Dynpro ABAP and,in the same time,to imprint in mind the main elements required to learn this technology. In Fig is presented the Mind Map created to facilitate the learning of Web Dynpro ABAP.

For each topic or subtopic,we can attach one or more files containing details regarding the respective subject,examples, images,links,etc.

For example,if we look at the UI elements, we can easily see that the UI elements to be used with Web Dynpro are divided in certain categories.In this book, we present the following categories: Layout, Action, Selection, Complex, Graphic and Integration. Each of these categories has some corresponding UI elements.In our case,we introduced only those IU elements we used in this book, but,as mentioned above, they could very easily be extended.

To create Mind Maps, we find a large range of software on the market. iMindMap is considered the World’s Official Mind Mapping software endorsed by Tony Buzan. To create this Mind Map,we used Mindjet MindManager that can be downloaded (and tested, as a trial version gratuity).

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