Creating a Folder - SAP ABAP Web Dynpro

We begin our exercise with the creation of a folder to be used to hold all the subsequently created portal objects. Into the Portal Catalogue,we create a folder named Book.To perform this operation,we have to open the contextual menu (by right-clicking on the folder where we want to create our folder)and to chooseNew --> Folder.A wizard is open and we can create it.

Creating a new folder

As we can see,we have to enter some information, as follows:

  • Folder Name– the name of the new created folder
  • Folder ID– unique identifier for the new created folder
  • Master Language– the original language for all the portal objects sub sequently created in this folder
  • Description– brief description of the newly created folder

After saving the information,the Framework generates the created book folder into the Portal Catalogue.In order to set other properties for it,we can use the available wizard.We have to mention that the book folder inherits the permissions from its parent folder.

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