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In the next step,we connect to the back-end ABAP system. To do this,we create a new System: System Administration --> System Configuration --> System Landscape that opens the System Landscape Editor. Here, we navigate to our book folder and open the contextual menu,by right-clicking. By using New --> System (from template), a Wizard is open and offers the possibility to define a new system through some easy steps.

Creating a new system

In the first wizard step,we have to choose a template.
In the next step, we have to enter general properties, as follows: System Name, System ID, Master Language, Description.

Template selection

General properties

After this,we can open the object editor and configure our system.We start with the Property Category named Web Application Server(Web AS).

Web application server property category

For the next configuration,we navigate to the Connector Property Category required to realize the configuration:

In the next configuration,we go to User Management Property Category required to set the mode the users log-on to our ABAP backend system

User management property category

As Logon Methods,we have used the SAPLOGONTICKET. Each system must have at least one system alias, a name defined by the system administrator,required to refer the specified system.By using the System Aliases tool,we set an alias name for our ABAP backend system.

Creating an alias name for our ABAP system

Now,we are able to test our system configuration by using the Connection test tool.

Testing the connection to the ABAP system

In case a system configuration for the ABAP back-end already exists,we don’t need to create another one.

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