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An Authorization Object can contain maximum ten authorization fields.These fields can be chosen from the list of the existent ones(activities,actions, etc.) or we can create our own authorization fields.The structure of the Authorization Object named ZTEST_AUTH.

Defining the authorization field

We have chosen to add a field named ACTVT, because we need to check an activity.The possible activities that can be protected are stored in the table TACT that has a 1:CN key relation with the table TACTZ and a txt relationship with the table TACTT.In the table TACTT,there are stored the activities descriptions,and in the table TACTZ there are stored the valid activities for each authorization object.

TACT and some of its related tables

Table TACT

Actions from the TACT table

From the “Create authorization Object” screen,we can use the button “Field Maintenance” or we can use the SU20 transaction to navigate to the list of the authorization fields.

List of authorization fields

Authorization field

Then,we save the new created Field and go back to our Authorization Object. Here,we insert the ZAF_PERSON and,by using the “Permitted activities” from the end of the screen, we select the Delete activity from the activity list.In case we want to re-use this authorization object in the future,we can tick more activities, and we use for our request only the delete activity

Defining the activities

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