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What are Salt Proxy Minions?

There are part of gadgets like switch, Configure adapt, and so forth., having custom OS, restricted memory and high security contemplations. In those gadgets, we were not ready to install the standard salt-flunky and along these lines were not able deal with those systems. In any case, Salt gives an imaginative innovation to conquer this oblige.

Salt has a different module, salt intermediary minion that controls the remote system utilizing the REST benefit running in the remote system. This REST benefit is a HTTP based web benefit composed utilizing the Representational State Transfer (REST) idea and they are both simple to execute and simple to expend.

Each gadget will have its very own SDK and advancement environment to compose complex applications. Salt anticipates that a REST administration will be created in the gadget according to the Salt interfmaster determination. Salt additionally gives a python module to compose the REST web benefit. On the off chance that the gadget underpins python, it will be anything but difficult to build up the REST web benefit.

When the REST web benefit is produced and conveyed in the remote system, Salt can be Configure d to control the remote gadget utilizing the REST web benefit rather than the salt minion.

Working Example

Give us a chance to take in the idea of salt intermediary minion utilizing a live workplmaster. For the live environment, we picked a Linux system for both the master and the intermediary minion. We will control the system utilizing REST web benefit rather than salt-follower.

Install and Configure REST Web Service

Salt gives an example of the REST web benefit usage, which is named as proxyminion_rest_example in its contrib module. Give us a chance to install the example web benefit.

Install 'bottle' utilizing the pip. The jug command is a python web framework to create web application.

Download the saltstack/salt-contrib venture from github. Something else, clone the venture utilizing the below command.

  • Open a terminal and go to the salt-contrib registry.
  • This salt-contrib registry will have an organizer, proxyminion_rest_example. This folder contains test execution for the REST web benefit. Go to the proxyminion_rest_example folder.
  • Run the below command to start the REST web benefit.

Open a program and load http://«your ip address»:8000. This will demonstrate the default page with administrations and bundles as appeared in the screen capture below.


Presently, we have designed the REST web administration and it will check how to Configure salt intermediary to inquiry the REST web administration and control the system.

Configure Salt-Proxy

To Configure the Salt-Proxy, we need to pursue the means given below.

We need to determine the master hub for the salt-intermediary. Alter the intermediary configuration File area, which is in/and so on/salt/intermediary, and enter the below code.

Modify / create base pillar file in /srv/pillar/top.sls as shown in the following code

Include another pillar File, p8000.sls in the/srv/pillar as appeared in the code hinder below.

Start salt-intermediary in the troubleshoot mode utilizing the below command.

Like the salt-follower, acknowledge the salt-intermediary key as demonstrated as follows.

Running the Salt

Presently, run the salt command and call the ping.test work as demonstrated as follows.

We can run any function bolstered by the REST web benefit by utilizing salt, which is like salt-follower.

For instance, the grain information can be acquired by utilizing the below command.

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