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What Is Salesforce Visualforce Pages?

Visualforce pages are webpages that fit to Salesforce. These webpages are formed using a unique tag-based Mark-up language. It is alike to HTML but it's primary use is to access, display and update the organization’s data. The page is retrieved by using a URL alike to that of a traditional webserver page.

Each tag in visual force language look like to some user interface component like section of a page, a list view or a field of an object.

Fascinatingly, it can be simply mixed up with HTML markup, CSS style and Java libraries, etc.

Creating a Visualforce Page

Navigate to the link developer console → File → New → Visualforce page. The new window unlocks asking for a page name. Let us now call it HelloworldPage. Let us now write the code as shown in the resulting diagram.


Click Save. Then, click on Preview. This unlocks a new webpage displaying the result as shown in the resulting screenshot.


Adding components

In this section, we will learn how to add components to a program that is previously created. Let us add some user interface components to the program created above. We add a block and a section in that block by using the resulting code.


On showing the page, we get the resulting output.


Setting Preferences

We can set the numerous settings for easy navigation by going to Help → Preferences.


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