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What is Salesforce Using Forms?

Salesforce is a data-driven platform. Thus, viewing and editing data in its apps is a essential requirement. Like the old HTML forms, we can create alike forms in Salesforce for editing the data in Salesforce.

Creating Input Form

The Input forms are created by means of a Visualforce page. We open a new Visualforce page by using the path Developer Console → File → New → Visualforce Page. We write the code as revealed below which uses Contact as the standard controller and the purpose is to edit the values in the 3 fields - Name, Email and Phone.


Upon running the above code for the visualforce page, we get the resulting output..


But we can progress the above form more by aligning the fields to one column and putting all the input fields and labels into a block. The code given below displays how we add a section and block to the form and also put the fields in one column.


Upon running the above code for the Visualforce page, we receive the resulting output.


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