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What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

This part of Salesforce platform is attentive on providing support and assistance to the customers. This aids in retaining the customers, increasing their gratification and faithfulness. Its individuality lies in providing quicker service associated to traditional methods, giving individual care to each customer requirements and taking a proactive approach to customer issues. That eventually improves the customer’s skill hence loyalty which in turn makes a good impact on sales.

Resulting are the key business Goals attained by using the Service Cloud −

  • Personalized Service − Give every customer a decent service experience based on their unique difficulties and history of purchases and complaints.
  • Always-on Service − Make the service obtainable 24/7
  • Multi-channel support − See the customers on their favoured channels like mobile, phone, chat etc.
  • Faster support − Handling numerous services wants from a single console aids in delivering support services faster.

Key Features of Service Cloud

In this unit, we will debate the key features of Service Cloud. These features support in achieving the business goals stated above. The features are defined below −

Console for Service

It is a united platform for handling all cases allocated to an agent so that it can aid in ranking the tasks at hand. This also helps give modified knowledge to the customer of each case.

Knowledge base

Customer relations and purposes are captured and planned into a knowledgebase. This aids in faster issue resolution.

Social Customer Service

As more and more customers link with the group over social media, this feature aids deliver service on the social media platform itself without asking the customer to visit separate web pages for interaction.

Live Agent

This feature offers real-time online aid with its unique chat service.

Mobile Platform

Salesforce1 platform is the mobile platform to accomplish customer service from any device and any place.

Service Cloud Communities

It lets customers to aid themselves by serving each other. Many tools are obtainable for self service on numerous trouble shooting necessities.

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