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What is Salesforce Overview?

Salesforce started as a cloud-based answer for CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It includes managing all features of relationship between an organization and its customers. For instance, the contact particulars of the customer, the deals that are in development or previously completed, the support needs from a customer or a new lead from a new customer. Beyond the customer linked information, it also includes storing and handling the details of the people and the concerned department from the seller group that is handling the customer’s account and needs. This makes it easy to accomplish and improve the association with the customer and hence better growth for the organization.

Resulting are the dissimilar features of the Salesforce platform −

Contact Management

To view customer contact particulars, activity history, customer communications, and internal account discussions, etc. In short, it accomplishes all the data relating to the contact with a customer.

Opportunity Management

It offers the details of the stage a deal is in, the products involved in the deal, the quote for the deal etc. In short it achieves all the data that aids in classifying, progressing and closing a deal.

Salesforce Engage

This feature is attentive on making modified contact with a customer for various campaigns intended by the marketing team. It also offers real-time sales alerts based on the level of engagement with a customer.

Sales Collaboration

This feature aids in speedily finding specialists who can aid in closing a deal based on customer queries and feedback. In brief, it assists in fetching in a collaborative effort to engage an entire team in the deal and make the deal happen.

Sales Performance Management

It offers a metric-based goal setting, and also nonstop feedback and rewards and recognition for the sales team. This aids in enhancing the performance of the sales team.

Lead Management

This feature starts and tracks the leads that are in progress. It also aids in repeatedly optimizing campaigns across every channel.

Partner Management

This feature benefits in building a community with partners. It also aids in linking directly with channel partners to share goals, objectives, and activities.

Salesforce Mobile App

This is the mobile platform to carry out all the overhead activities on a mobile platform.

Workflow and Approvals

It is a visual design to automate the business processes. The interface offers simple drag and drop choices to make this design. It supports in creating a flexible endorsement process with deal discounts and expense management etc.

Email Integration

Salesforce can mix to a present email platform. This aids in providing flexibility to the current team with no additional learning curve.

Files Sync and Share

This feature offers the sales team the power to effortlessly share several files, discuss them and update them as wanted. Also obtain alerts when something in the file changes.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards offer a real-time picture of the business at a glance. With this, anybody can make detailed reports which can be retrieved from anywhere.

Sales Forecasting

This feature aids in getting a real time opinion of the forecast of a sales team. It offers multi-currency support and an in-line editing mode to accomplish the sales forecast well.

Territory Management

This feature is used to make many territory models, preview them before rollout, and repeatedly optimize and balance territories throughout the year.

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