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What is Salesforce Importing Data?

In this section, we will learn how to import data in Salesforce. Salesforce offers a healthy platform for data manipulation. We can Insert, View, Edit and Delete the pertinent data with good user permissions. At times, we want to add a large number of records to the individual Salesforce object in one go. Most possible these records have come from added source. The format of the incoming data has to tie with the format in which the salesforce object is expecting it.

The import feature is obtainable with CSV file structures from four sources. The sources are CSV, Outlook CSV, ACT! CSV and GMail CSV. In the instance given below, we will use the normal csv file for importing data to the Salesforce platform.

The import happens in the resulting three steps −

Step 1

Direct to Setup Home → Data → Data Import Wizard. A page opens which gives instruction on how to continue with the Wizard. The most significant point to think of is the record limits which confines the number of records to be introduced in one go to 50000. Click the Launch Wizard button to start the import process. The resulting screen appears, asking us to select the kind of object to which we can import the data.


We select Accounts and Contacts in the above screen and click Next.

Step 2

In this step, we select the file comprising the data to be introduced. Similarly, we are offered with the option of Adding New Records or Updating the Present Records or both. We select adding the new records as shown below.


We too select the field used to match the present record with the incoming record. For this, we select Account name and site under the dropdown Match Account by, and then we click Next.

Step 3

This is the last step earlier the import starts. In this step, we do the very significant task of similar the incoming field names with the column names of the salesforce fields. However, Salesforce does automatic matching of maximum of the field names, still there may be some cases where we have to contest the field names manually. As you can see underneath, we have unmapped fields which wants to be mapped. On positively completing the mapping, click Next and the import starts.


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