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What is Salesforce Architecture?

Salesforce carries an extremely customized practice to the customers, employees, and partners of an organization. Such a platform is used to modify standard functionality and make custom pages, components, apps, etc. Similarly, it is done faster, mostly because of the excellent architecture on which it is built. Underneath is a brief outline to the Salesforce Architecture.


Architecture Salesforce

The architecture of Salesforce can be placed into layers for improved understanding. The determination and function of each layer is defined below −

Trusted Multitenant Cloud

Here numerous examples of one or multiple applications function independently in a shared environment. The examples are denoted as tenants and they reasonably separate from each other while physically remaining in the same hardware. It is called trusted because of both its strong nature and high security.

Scalable Metadata Platform

The metadata ambitious platform makes it easy for customization and scaling up as the amount of data or simultaneous user instances increase.

Enterprise Ecosystem

The Enterprise Ecosystem of Sales is very big as a large number of partners donate by creating and upholding applications in this platform.

CRM and Related Functionality

Salesforce contains all aspects of CRM in its list of features and also spreads it by providing features for creation of apps and integrating analytics, etc.


Salesforce offers powerful suite of APIs. This aids to advance and modify the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

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