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What is Customer-Centric Organization?

A customer centric organization is one which focuses on their customers needs and satisfaction levels from their product. To meet the competition from the market, organizations have came up with new policies implemented which go in impressing the customers more in number.

In past, customers are not involved in the process of company main goal i.e. creating and selling more products. The human resources and accounting department were handled all the daily activities without any communication with customers but today if customer is not involved in, the company is quickly deserted.

Companies should understand what the customers are expecting from a product for being customer-centric organization. Below three questions should be answered -

  • Who is the satisfied customer in terms of company’s definition?
  • What are the expectations from customers?
  • What is the desired customer experience?

Every organization is trying to satisfy the customer and is their central focus. To meet the customer needs, companies order their departments to think in customer perspective, that doesn’t mean they will contact the customer directly but will create the plans and policies that increase the customer experience.

Organizations that run successful will apply the customer centric process to all their employees. This makes them to involve in the supply chain in meeting the standards of communications, excellence and few other factors.

 Customer-Centric Organization

Below steps will help in increasing the output quality, satisfaction levels, cost savings and deliver high margins of profit. By following customer centric sales team, there are several advantages -

  • Loyal Customer Base – Once your product satisfies the customers and impress them then they are loyal to your organization services and this find difficult for other competitiors.
  • Competing on Overall Value – The prices should be in affordable range of the customers else it will be a disaster at the end. Product price depends on factors such availability, quality etc.
  • Benefits to End-Users – Customers needs the product within the affordable cost with all benefits containing quality of the product and services. They remain loyal if they get what they expected and will be in a long-term relationship with organization.
  • Benefits to the Organization’s Staff – Having more loyal customers will increase sales and gives profits to company which in turn the profits are distributed to your staff.

The link between cooperation and integration between employees is an organization is found weak then the sales team is not in sync with marketing teams. In such scenarios, the marketing team might be attaching the products key benefits which Sales teams need it most.

Managers should intervene into the situations and solve the problems where there are issues between Sales Department and the marketing department.

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