Trade channel mapping - Sales Management

This topic has been covered in Chapter, and at this point I would want to refer readers back to that section.

In summary of action points in pulling together trade channel mapping as a tool in key account management:

  • Collect data on the product category volume purchases or usage by all customers/users as low down the volume purchase/usage tree as possible.
  • Identify (ranking as best possible) the major accounts in terms of volume purchases or usage (depending on whether the products are for onwards sales and distribution, or for internal consumption as an industrial or commercial input).
  • Clarify which accounts you will treat as key accounts (do not limit yourself only to your current customer base within category purchasers/users – at this point you must recognize also those major accounts who are not currently your customers, but who should be classified as key accounts in order to receive the development attention needed to penetrate and gain trial or distribution). As guideline only, in many categories we would identify as key accounts any purchaser/user who absorbed over 1 percent of the total category purchases or usage.
  • Set account objectives, develop specific account development strategies and tactics.



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