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The sales planning slip is a very simple but versatile tool to aid the selling process, being particularly useful when discussing order quantities and closing the sale. Its use is not limited to consumer product salespersons,and it can be designed to suit most industrial and business-to-business selling environments.

A sales planning slip has several useful functions, such as:

  • providing a focus of attention when talking specifics about products and quantities
  • outlining a suggested order when starting to close on a sale
  • discussing concessions in relation to suggested quantities
  • highlighting recommendations for additional quantities to support promotional activity
  • highlighting key promotion dates or buy-in periods
  • adding authority to a discussion on products and relative order quantities
  • providing a neutral point of reference when discussing products and quantities(including range extensions), as the closing of the sale can often be an emotional point in the presentation when decisions must be made
  • it can be used to highlight information specific to a dealer, such as particular special prices, discounts, retail price in relation to cost, margins, etc., which might not be so clearly expressed on general price lists or literature
  • it shows a very personal input to the sales presentation, where the salesperson handwrites
    key quantities or data on the sales planning slip
  • acting as a reminder for an indirect customer (who purchases from wholesaler) to place an order, or it can sometimes even serve as a transfer order form for the salesperson to take an order to a trader’s normal wholesaler.


There is no special format for designing as ales planning slip, but a typical model would look like the examples in Tables, for consumer or industrial products.

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