The eight-point interview framework - Sales Management

This structured system encourages you, the interviewer, to ask questions and make objective observations about the candidate by eliciting relevant information in a number of key areas illustrated in Figure, and expanded in the checklist. Observations and judgments based on the interviews can then be supplemented by objective assessments and further judgments on any other assessment techniques(e.g. aptitude tests, assessment, or personality profiles) used by the recruiting sales managers.

The simplest way for you to progress an interview is to work systematically through the information contained on the job application form and constantly use questions to expand on the facts contained in the form and to make observations and notes, to help you form judgments and opinions.


Notes at interviews

When conducting an interview you will need to make brief notes as a record of what you have discovered in addition to the information contained in the job application form,and to record your observations and conclusions. The notes will act as a pen picture later when you come to review the merits of each of the applicants you have seen.

It is useful to highlight on the interview notes record any points that might need further probing at the shortlist interview.

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