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While most companies start their international business activities by direct exports of goods or services to foreign markets, as the volume of business develops often other opportunities develop. Depending on the nature of your products and markets some of the typical range of opportunities might include the following.

  • Exporting existing products and services.

This is where you can export products designed for the domestic market without any further modification.

  • Exporting modified products to suit end market requirements (customer preferences or regulatory requirements) or opportunities.
  • Developing new products or services specifically for export markets, using existing skills and technology, and research and development expertise.
  • Providing consultancy expertise (solo or in consortia), for example where you are an industry leader in technology or distribution relating to certain markets.
  • Licensing products, patents, trademarks or brand names, technology, and other know how into markets where it is not practical to develop the market profitably through direct exports.
  • Franchising trademarks, know-how,business formats, etc. into markets where the franchisee acquires local distribution and marketing rights in exchange for fees and royalties. Franchising primarily, but not exclusively, operates in consumer markets.
  • Opening foreign branches or subsidiaries to control local marketing or distribution.
  • Forming joint ventures with local market partners who have local strength to increase market penetration (either just for distribution, or to include local manufacture).
  • Inward import to the home market of goods synergistic with domestic range or distribution, and which will increase your sales turnover, market share or penetration, or help in other strategic ways to achieve goals.
  • Inward licensing of products, technology,brand names, and/or inward joint ventures that open new market opportunities to you in your home market,such as taking you into new market sectors, enabling you to incorporate new technology, saving you time and development costs, etc.
  • Foreign sourcing of inputs, where you can cost-effectively have inputs required in your production or marketing operations produced in foreign markets to your quality standards.
    There are many ways to build international markets, sales and profits, including but not limited to direct exports.

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