Space management in the selling environment - Sales Management

Sales managers and salespersons operating in retail market sectors are finding buyers becoming far more professional and discriminatory when evaluating new products. They are concerned with


  • fit of the product within the overall product Category
  • fit of the product within their product mix and in relation to the profile of their own customer base
  • innovativeness (bringing something new to expand consumption of the product category)
  • merchandising the products within the category
  • suitability of the product for sales promotion support
  • potential sales volumes and profit from any given space application.

There are positive ways that a focus on space management issues can be developed in sales presentations to retail trade customers, and sales managers will need to highlight these in sales training. Figure illustrates how a sales manager might develop an action plan to implement space management principles in relation to product merchandising within his or her customer base of retailers or trade dealers.


Applications need not just be limited to high street fast moving consumer products retailers,but to a range of durable and non durable products retailers. In the fast moving consumer goods categories there are well tried computer programs and models that have broad applications, and are currently used by many major manufacturers and multiple retailers.

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