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Van sales

Car or van cash sales may have a place in company distribution in some markets or twosome trade channels. Van selling:

  • provides an opportunity to minimize outmost standard brands or promotional products through instant off-the-car replenishment for cash, usually focusing on certain specific trade channels (e.g. smaller independent stockist's)
  • supports advertising and promotional campaigns by ensuring distribution is achieved or maintained along with the placement of relevant POS material.
    Factors to consider in operating a car salesperson include:
  • stock security
  • salesperson security while carrying cash
  • stock record controls
  • cash handling, invoicing and banking
  • sourcing stock (if it is not always available from the supplier’s own warehouses), e.g.

from wholesaler distributors

  • range to be carried, with a focus on
    • major brands
    • hocus brands
    • promotional brands
    • new packs/varieties.


Telephone sales operations may have a role Gina sales strategy to provide sales support in:

  • making initial cold contacts with new outlets
  • replenishing stocks with existing accounts where field support is not essential
  • providing emergency cover during lapse sin field coverage
  • soliciting orders from small,geographically remote, or some seasonal outlets
  • focused blitz activities, e.g.:
  • rapid distribution of new packs/varieties countering competitive activity with pipeline filling deals.

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