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When systematic coverage is planned to regular pre-set journeyschedule (i.e. all customers are to be visited at pre-set frequencies)it isessential to budget additional sales resources in the form of relief salespersons to allow for:

  • sickness
  • holidays
  • trainingdays and meetings
  • publicholidays
  • resignations
  • promotions
  • blitz activities.

Estimates should be made for the average time lost, or days’coverage lost, for Bach of these factors if a set coverage schedule is to bemaintained, as illustrated in the following calculation.

Calculation of relief salesperson needs

Days available for work (365 – 104weekend days) 261
Holidays per year at 20 days per persons 20
Public holidays at 8 days per person 8
Average sickness at 5 days per person 5
Training/meetings at 12 days per person 12
Net days available for field coverage of customers 216

Annual coverage gap per salesperson 45

Relief salesperson can fillthe gaps unless alternative arrangements are made (such stele-sales calls).

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