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When selecting and managing salespersons we need to develop a clear view of what personal qualities and job-related skills we might expect to find in our successful salesperson.Here we can expand on some general qualities and skills. Larger corporations often make use of corporate psychologists to conduct job holder profiling based on study of persons considered demonstrably successful(and comparing for differences with persons found to be less than successful) that can give perspective of what to look for when recruiting to sales positions in a particular company.

The range of characteristic qualities and attributes needed in the successful salesperson(and sales manager!) may be considered to include those priority qualities and skills illustrated in Figure.

In a number of these areas of personal qualities you will be called on to make subjective judgments during the stages of a recruitment, but these should be supported through questioning and evaluation of comments at the selection stage, and by subsequent observation on the job.

A high rating for a mix of these qualities being exhibited by a salesperson, when viewed with the assessment of more objective skills and competency factors, will provide a sounder basis for judging job applicants for sales positions. As was mentioned in the section on appraisals(Chapter ), a range of skills is needed by a salesperson, with additional skills needed by a sales manager. Typical skills needed by the salesperson include those listed in the following table.

In each of these areas we can form some objective measure of what is needed, and seek to identify a sufficient standard amongst job applicants during interviews, Porto plan internal training of existing salespersons.

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