Overview of the recruitment process and key steps - Sales Management

While motivation is a key management function,the sales manager must have the right material, in terms of suitably qualified salespersons,to motivate. That means selecting and recruiting to rigid criteria that are demonstrably relevant to successful achievement and high performance as salespersons,and then training those persons to meet the standards and perform the selling job as suits the company’s products and markets.

In this chapter the aim is to develop a formalized framework that sales managers responsible for all or part of selection and recruitment can adapt or adopt to reduce the risk of inappropriate selection of unsuitable salespersons. Typically each sales line manager is responsible for his or her own final selection of new members to his or her team.

Sales recruitment is a costly process, and poor selection results in:

  • under-performance in sales activities
  • a distraction of management time as more supervision is needed
  • additional training needs
  • higher staff turnover with resultant repeat recruitment costs.

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