Management of resources - Sales Management

The salesperson has three key resources tomanage:

  • time
  • company resources
  • himself or herself.

Some of the typical activities within theseresource categories are illustrated in Figure.

Managing selling time

Selling time is the one irreplaceable resourcethe salesperson controls, and is often the most difficult to manage. There are many demands on the salesperson’s time, some less critical or important than others, yet still a necessary part of the workload. The efficient sales person recognizes the importance of good time management. In most markets the typical sales person spends only two to three hours daily infront of customers, conducting negotiations.The rest of the day goes in travel, precall preparation, waiting at calls, administration,breaks or contacting the sales office.

A simple salesperson use of time analysisform, illustrated in Table, can be adopted by field sales managers to conduct an audit of the use of time by sales persons. It is usually best to use the form discreetly during the course of a day with the salesperson, ticking the appropriate box for the main activity that uses the time within each 10-minute interval.

The sales manager wants to get a fair representation of how time is normally used,rather than a distorted picture if the salesperson is aware of being monitored, and changes work habits as a result. The results of this time audit can then be fed back to the salespers onto create awareness of where time is going during the working day, and training can focus on more productive use of time.

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