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When the sales manager has made his or her decision on whom to offer a sales position to,and if all the references taken are judged satisfactory,then the last stages in the recruitment process are:

  • sending a Letter of Appointment to the selected person
  • sending ‘No’ letters to the unsuccessful candidates
  • organizing the welcome and induction process and training for the new recruit.

Some or all of these actions might be undertaken by a human resource department winsome companies, but where the sales manager is responsible for all stages of his or her own recruitment, it is very important in the interests of goodwill and professionalism that he or she communicates promptly wit hall unsuccessful interviewees as well as making formal job offer in writing to the successful candidate.

The job offer letter should detail all the terms and conditions relating to employment with the company in the local market, and will normally include, either in the actual letter or in accompanying documents such as an employee handbook,details of:

  • basic pay
  • bonus and incentive schemes
  • hours of work
  • other conditions of employment, e.g. flexibility to travel
  • expense allowances or claim procedures
  • company vehicle
  • other fringe benefits
  • sickness benefits if applicable
  • pension arrangements if applicable
  • starting dates
  • any other arrangements for joining the company
  • detailed job responsibilities (i.e. a copy of the job description).

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