Guidelines for press advertisements - Sales Management

While an advertisement is intended to attract number of suitably qualified applicants it should not be so inviting as to encourage applications from persons clearly outside the limits of physical and personal characteristic sand qualities contained in the person specification. The description of the skills, experience,personal characteristics and qualifications given in an advertisement should enable potential candidates to screen themselves in respect of their ability to match the criteria.

Coverage of advertisements

The actual content of the advertisement should give brief coverage to a range of information that helps the potential applicants decide if they have the qualifications and interest to pursue an application by sending in a curriculum vitae or requesting an application form. You should include:

  • The job title e.g. Territory salesperson, key accounts manager, area sales manager,etc.
  • The company name and logo. Identify who you are, with pride in your company and heritage. Some advertisers prefer to remain anonymous, possibly using post office box numbers or recruitment agencies. This tends to be preferred when there are strong reasons why you do not want others within the company to know about a recruitment.
  • The products. Clarify the nature of your products, and the markets you are serving,possibly with a product illustration if appropriate (a useful way of attracting attention to an advertisement, particularly if you have an established product).
  • The job functions. State the basic key functions, accountabilities and responsibilities that help a potential applicant relate to his or her present experience.
  • Location or territory to be covered where the job will be based, as the issue of relocation can be a factor in attracting to, or detracting from, the job.
  • Candidate skill and qualification requirements. State what minimum related sales or sales management experience,and other experience, you expect.
  • Rewards and benefits offered. While winsome countries, or within some companies, it is the practice not to disclose pay and benefits (e.g. ‘An attractive package will be offered,commensurate with skills and experience’),most applicants prefer a clear statement of the range of rewards and benefits they might expect, as this influences a decision to apply.
  • Details of how to apply for the vacancy.

You might note if you want applicants to phone in for an application form or to send a curriculum vitae.

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