Further considerations in industrial and business-to-business selling - Sales Management

As illustrated, a structured approach to selling can be developed for any selling environment, but there are differences between consumer and industrial selling and specialty that impact on sales training. An industrial or service salesperson is usually offering to supply:

  • plant or equipment
  • raw materials other components or inputs
  • material supplies, such as packaging,stationery, etc.
  • services (e.g. legal, financial, insurance,cleaning, security, etc.).

Some of these inputs are productive, used in the processing of a company’s final products,and others are just seen as a cost or overhead to the business operation. There are sever always that industrial and commercial markets differ from consumer markets, and that impact on sales opportunities and therefore on training, as illustrated in the table opposite,and training programmers developed for salespersons in any industrial or specialty need to take account of any particular market structure factors.


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