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At this point some brief commentary misappropriate on the essential company literature that is generally supplied to customer sin standard format:

  • product price lists
  • product specification sheets
  • catalogues and brochures
  • advertising and promotional information sheets.

Each of these documents is intended to communicate information important in the selling process, and should be designed to create interest and gain attention, encouraging buyer to pursue contact with the salesperson to the point where an order is placed.

Product price lists

These need to include information on:

  • product names and/or descriptions, along with any item codes that facilitate ordering
  • pack or unit sizes (volumes, weights,dimensions)
  • number of units in a shipping pack
  • price quotes per shipping unit to the point of ownership transfer (customarily delivery to the buyer’s specified location for domestic transactions)
  • standard terms of sale, payment terms and conditions
  • warranties and exclusions
  • periods of validity of the quoted prices.

Specification sheets

These will normally include comprehensive technical data concerning the structure and performance of the products, with illustrations,drawings, technical data, wiring diagrams(if appropriate), servicing and maintenance data, etc.

Catalogues and brochures

These are intended to show the product to prospective buyer, but cannot substitute for as ample or demonstration. Illustrations should be photographic wherever possible,as this makes more impact than line drawings,although those can usefully aid a presentation where they show the workings or functions of a product.

Companies are now looking at other mediator carry catalogue information, such as videotapes and computer systems (on CD-ROM disks). Without a doubt the use of compute rand associated media will grow rapidly, as companies can download latest prices and catalogue data via modem links.

This will link with direct ordering over computer links as we move more towards a paperless business environment. But the salesperson will not become redundant, still having a key role in promoting consumption growth, communicating about products to prospective customers.

Advertising and promotional programming sheets

These are most commonly issued by suppliers of consumer products and products sold through trade dealer networks as they alert their distribution outlets and trade dealers to the forthcoming marketing communications supporting products.

Typically a leaflet will summarize the time sand dates of media advertisements, to encourage trade purchase and display in order to maximize the impact of advertising on sales and profits through distribution outlets.

Salespersons would normally use this information during presentations to obtain orders and increase sales, selling up on the strength of media support generating additional demand through increased consumer awareness. The reader may find some of the principle sand guidelines expounded in Chapter relevant to the presentation of information to customers.

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