Developing key account profiles - Sales Management

The objectives in developing key account profiles are to:

  • categorize each key account according to its rating on relevant profile parameters
  • match key account parameters to your company brand target outlet profiles.

The next stage in formalizing an approach to key account management is to develop a profile of each key account. Typically a form such as that in Table (the customer/prospect record card) might help in this exercise, or,alternatively, a format of a customer record card such as either of those illustrated in Tables might suffice.

Key aspect in developing an account profile is to know the buying patterns and practices of each customer, with a focus on the points illustrated in the table on the following page.A form of the type illustrated in Table can be used to build a profile of national or territory accounts. In that example we are looking at the various trade channels selling alcoholic beverages either for consumption on the premises (on trade) or for take home consumption(off trade).

The various outlets will have very different customer pro flies for parameters that relate to the purchase and consumption of individual alcoholic drink brands, such as interns of location, income, social class, ages,sex. With this kind of customer analysis the supplying company can decide exactly which individual outlets it wishes to target as locations where it would like particular brands distributed and displayed.

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