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These might be in the form of a double-sided record card, or a record folder into which the salesperson puts other paperwork concerning an individual customer, or might form computer record within a database. The basic information required for the customer call record would include:

  • trading name of the company
  • ownership/affiliations (if relevant or not otherwise apparent)
  • full postal address, telephone and fax numbers (and e-mail if appropriate)
  • buyer’s name (and job title)
  • names of other contacts influential in buying decisions
  • any special buying times (or times to be avoided) and other relevant call notes
  • sales history




stock and order records (for repeatable products)

  • notes on display or merchandising (for retail products)
  • customer objectives.

Figure illustrates basic example designs for customer call records,showing the type of information that might be collated for products sold direct to individuals(e.g. conservatories) and products sold to companies (in this case, a process controls supplier, with the customer being a food packaging company). Table illustrates the reverse of a record card where stock and orders are recorded.

These forms illustrate the importance of building customer profiles, and some guidelines for that activity follow.

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