Basic Administrative Controls - Sales Management

Each company will need to develop certain minimum administrative records and procedures in standardized form to aid in managing sales operations. The needs may vary company by company, and industry by industry (consumer product selling traditionally requiring more standard reporting and control documents than larger value industrial product sales within smaller customer bases).

Records and reporting may be developed using traditional paperwork systems, or may be computer based within sales forces that make use of computer technology in field selling. These days several computer packages already provide comprehensive sales management programmers that can be modified to meet the needs of most selling environments.

Sales administration occurs at two levels:

  • field sales administration, normally completed by the salesperson
  • sales office administration procedures and controls, designed to control order processing and monitor field activity.

Field sales administration

The typical range of sales force field paperwork or computerized administrative reporting systems, used by the salesperson in controlling and managing his or her work and territory, includes at least the following items:

  • customer call record cards
  • daily activity report
  • journey plans (examples shown in Chapter15 under section on journey planning)
  • order forms
  • credit/product uplift notes
  • contact report forms
  • sales planning slips
  • sales promotional activity forms
  • expense forms
  • quotation forms
  • internal memo pads.

Model examples, just for illustrative purposes,of the main control forms follow in the text, and these may be adapted to suit particular company requirements depending on the nature of the industry or markets.

Sales office administration

While in this chapter we will only review typical field sales administration controls, the sales office will provide a lot of sales support,and is also likely to have a range of standard documents that may be routed to field sales personnel, including all or some of the following:

  • order acknowledgement
  • invoices
  • despatch advice notes
  • product uplift notes
  • credit notes
  • overdue payment advice notes

(including computer printouts giving the payment status for each customer’sac count).

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