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How customers are ranked?

Different opportunities and the customers need to be ranked based on the value. This enables to focus and concentrate more on the most valuable customers and the opportunities by maximising the utilisation of resources like time and money. There are a wide of methods for ranking the customers and the methodology selected for ranking is at the discretion of the sales person.

Center of Focus

One of the major concern is which of the customers are ranked as what, in the sense that where does the customers stay in the list of rankings. Some of the factors need to be considered for incorporating the customer rankings. They are as follows -

  • Examine the type of prospects for the industry as a whole, whether the industry has few of the major prospects or enormous number of minor prospects or combination of both.
  • Consider the process by which the prospects of the competitors are covered and also the parameters by which the territory is assigned such as sales channels, geographical regions, product lines, customer type etc.

It is the nature of sales that it is very uncertain, and the pattern of sales changes with the time and as per the situations such as depending on the period of the year, conditions of the climate, style etc. These changes are certainly associated with some form of risks either short-term or long-term.

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