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How to assign the responsibilities in Sales Forecasting?

Many activities are involved in the process of Sales forecasting. Many people those who are internal within the company and the external people have lot of expectations from a sales forecasting. Here the people involved in the process of sales forecasting, with huge bundle of expectations tend to take up too many activities.

This is practiced because of the fears caused by the problem of job insecurity. It is a human tendency that they believe that they are more secure when they have more functional responsibilities. Managers tend to perceive that the complexity of the job is not understood by the team.


Manager fails to realize the fact that the team is also capable enough. If team is considered as incapable, then the problem may be either in the skill set of the team or wrongly perceived by the manager.

There are very less chances of tem lacking the skills as the team is selected by the experienced HR who believe that the employee selected is capable of doing the specific job and is taken when the HR feels that he has the sufficient skills for taking up the job. Therefore here the manager is to believe in them and share the work with them and work as a team. As a manager, it is to be ensured that salesperson is free from hurdles. Hence it is very curial task of assigning the job responsibilities.

When the responsibilities regarding the sales forecasting is distributed, this enables to take advantages of many things. The data collected will be accurate and comprehensive by assigning the work of collecting data from different departments to the respective department people. The task can be done as per the schedule without any delays.


Apart from these, the following are some of the advantages by assigning the work.

Assigning the work properly offers the following advantages

  • The work load of the manager can be reduced and simplified
  • Organization efficiency improves
  • A growth oriented environment is created
  • Managers are facilitated to focus on other strategies as well.

What is Enlargement of the Job?

The additional responsibilities take up by the employee is measured as enlargement of the job. But in sales forecasting, the limit of taking the responsibility should be clearly mentioned. The responsibilities and duties of a person can only be extended when a person acquaints expertise in his present duties.

What is Enrichment of the Job?

The duties that are assigned to an employee when they are well defined may be considered as the enrichment of the job. The new responsibilities when assigned to an employee and when they are duties are well performed it will increase the levels of confidence and the self-esteem of the employee which results in his job enrichment.

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