RSpec Overview - RSpec

What do you understand by RSpec?

RSpec is a Domain Specific Language testing tool that is written in the programming language Ruby, to test the Ruby code. For the Ruby programming Language, RSpec is a framework facilitating a unit test. RSpec is a development tool driven by a Behavior and hence is different from the traditional xUnit framework. The focus of the RSpec tests written is on the behaviour of the application. In other words, RSpec focuses on the how the application behaves instead of how the application works.

This tutorial helps to understand the concept of RSpec and how RSpec is used to test the code in developing applications with Ruby.

What are the prerequisites required and who are the audience for learning RSpec?

Good knowledge and experience in programming is required to understand the concept of RSpec. To better understand the concept of RSpec, experience of Ruby programming is essential.

This tutorial is mainly targeted for the beginners who want to learn how to write code in Ruby. Anyone on completion of this tutorial will be in a position to incorporate RSpec tests in the daily coding practice.

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