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At present, computers are widely used for varied purposes. Educational, commercial, industrial, administrative, transport, medical, social financial and several other organisations are increasingly depending upon the help of computers to some degree or the other. Even if our work does not involve the use of computers in our everyday work, as individuals, we are affected by them. “The motorists, the air passenger, hospital patients and those working in large departmental stores, are some of the people for whom computers process information. Everyone who pays for electricity or telephone has their bills processed by computers. Many people who are working in major organisations and receive monthly salary have their salary slips prepared by computers. Thus, it is difficult to find anyone who in some way or the other does not have some information concerning them processed by computer”.
“Computers can be used by just about anyone: doctors, policemen, pilots, scientists, engineers and recently even house-wives. Computers are used not only in numeric applications but also in nonnumeric applications such as proving theorems, playing chess, preparing menu, matrimonial matchmaking and so on. Without computers we might not have achieved a number of things. For example, man could not have landed on the moon nor could he have launched satellites. We might not have built 100 storied buildings or high speed trains and planes.”

Computer Applications in Research Methodology

The following table depicts some of the important Computer applications and uses of computers:

Computer Applications in Research Methodology

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