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Diameter is an arranged substitution of RADIUS. It is an AAA protocol for applications, for example, organize access and IP portability. Recorded beneath are a couple of focuses that you have to think about Diameter:

  • It is intended to work in both local and roaming AAA situations.
  • Diameter is just twice the predecessor protocol Radius.
  • It uses TCP or SCTP and not UDP.
  • It uses transport level security (IPSEC or TLS).
  • It has 32 bit identifier instead of 8 bit.
  • It supports stateless as well as stateful mode.
  • It supports application layer acknowledgement, define failover.
  • It offers better roaming support.
  • It uses AVPs.
  • Diameter allows to define new commands and attributes. It is easy to extend.

What is Next?

Presently you have an essential comprehension of Radius and Diameter. To acquire learning about these protocols, you have to experience different RFCs and different resources referenced in the Resources area.

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