RADIUS Operations - Radius

What are Radius operations?

Before the User begins speaking with the Radius Server, it is necessitated that the mystery key is shared between the User and the Server and the User must be arranged to utilize Radius server to get service.

When User is arranged legitimately then :

  • The Client starts with Access-Request.
  • The Server sends either Access-Accept, Access-Reject, or Access-Challenge.
  • Access-Accept keeps all the required attributes to provide service to the user.

Radius Codes (decimal) are assigned as follows:

  • 1 Access-Request
  • 2 Access-Accept
  • 3 Access-Reject
  • 4 Accounting-Request
  • 5 Accounting-Response
  • 11 Access-Challenge
  • 12 Status-Server (experimental)
  • 13 Status-Client (experimental)
  • 255 Reserved
  • No Keep Alive concept - Good or Bad??

Codes 4 and 5 are belongs to Radius Accounting Functionality. Codes 12 and 13 are belongs for suitable one.

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