ESSENTIALS OF LINEAR PROGRAMMING MODEL - Quantitative Techniques for management

What are the Essential characteristics of a Linear programming model 5 marks ?

The essential characterstics of a linear programming model are explained below

For a given problem situation, there are certain essential conditions that need to be solved by using linear programming.

  1. Limited resources: limited number of labor, material equipment and finance
  2. Objective: refers to the aim to optimize (maximize the profits or minimize the costs).
  3. Linearity: increase in labor input will have a proportionate increase in output.
  4. Homogeneity: the products, workers' efficiency, and machines are assumed to be identical.
  5. Divisibility: it is assumed that resources and products can be divided into fractions. (in case the fractions are not possible, like production of one-third of a computer, a modification of linear programming called integer programming can be used).

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