ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SIMULATION - Quantitative Techniques for management

Advantages and Disadvantages of Simulation in Operation Research


  • Simulation is best suited to analyze complex and large practical problems when it is not possible to solve them through a mathematical method.
  • Simulation is flexible, hence changes in the system variables can be made to select the best solution among the various alternatives.
  • In simulation, the experiments are carried out with the model without disturbing the system.
  • Policy decisions can be made much faster by knowing the options well in advance and by reducing the risk of experimenting in the real system.


  • Simulation does not generate optimal solutions.
  • It may take a long time to develop a good simulation model.
  • In certain cases simulation models can be very expensive.
  • The decision-maker must provide all information (depending on the model) about the constraints and conditions for examination, as simulation does not give the answers by itself.

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