Summary of critical Success Factors - Quality Management

There are innumerable texts on the factors which lead to success in deploying Quality Management, and consensus is pretty widespread.The following are a summary:

  • Senior management commitment: The most important success factor from almost all the research.

  • Strategic alignment and customer focus:This allows for the organization to derive maximum benefits from improvement activities by ensuring they are working on the things that matter most.

  • Widespread engagement:Put simply the more people actively working on this the better.

  • Good infrastructure and support:Essentially resources need to be available in the right place, time and quality to allow for effective execution.This includes people, money, training, and expertise.

  • Learning:The whole system needs to focus on generating continual learning as well as continual improvement.

  • Good measurement and recognition systems:To establish success you need to measure, to maintain commitment you need to recognise effort and results. Note that recognition does not have to be monetary.

  • Communication:Is the lifeblood of any Quality Management system. Effective, two way dialogue allows the organization to evolve and priorities to be reviewed and addressed.

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